acne laser skin treatment

Acne Laser Skin Treatment

Is This the Option You Are Looking For?

Acne laser skin treatmenthelping to reduce the scars from acne. Knowing what is the best for you, and trying different types of treatment is also part of the overall plan. Your dermatologist will be able to best design the plan you need.

It is also wise to ask various people that have undergone the same type of treatment. Consult the doctors on the number of treatments that you will undergo. These will also help you to know the cost of the treatment, and you won’t be shocked with the bill you are going to pay after a series of treatments.

There are many types of acne laser skin treatment.

One type of acne laser skin treatment

There is also the ablative laser treatment. This is not recommended by experts for patients who have dark skin tone. Fractional laser treatment helps in the stimulating of the production of collagen and is also a great help in the producing new skin tissues. For moderate acne blemishes, erbium laser therapies are advised. This treatment is done through the passing of the heat to the water molecules of the skin. This is an effective way of the removal of acne blemishes.

CO2 laser resurfacing on the other hand is the emission of high-energy light that is focused on the damaged tissues of the skin. This is your best buddy in removing acne scars. Laser resurfacing treatment is usually painless. There are side effects such as swelling and bruises. Usually this treatment is not advised on people who have a dark skin because it changes the color of the skin.