Acne Laser Treatments Fact Or Fad?

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Acne Laser Treatments – Fact Or Fad?

By: Randall Wilkinson

Recently there’s been a lot of buzz about acne laser treatments. This isn’t something new in the acne world but it’s still an interesting topic. If you’ve ever watched reality makeover shows like Extreme Makeover or The Swan, it’s obvious they promote laser treatment as the quick and most effective fix to make skin more beautiful, implying it is the best option for treating acne.

With the constant publicity laser treatment gets on television, I am sure many would start researching and see if the hype is true. Most of us would want to fix it and forget it. So, I was curious about what I would find on the Internet too. I typed “acne laser treatments” in the three major search engines and found 867,921 hits from MSN, 2,650,000 hits from Yahoo, and coming out on top, a whopping 2,660,000 hits from Google!

If you were to research these links you’d probably find that most companies will wholeheartedly declare that acne laser treatments “most inflammatory acne in a few visits,” or guarantees at least “90% [of people that use the treatment experience a reduction in acne lesions” in bold letters. Initially that might send a major warning sign. SCAM! But the fact is, acne laser treatments really can help.

People with severe acne and who are at risk of scarring may want to consider the option more than most. Let’s face it; if anyone with substantial acne has not gotten adequate results from effective over the counter acne treatments or from prescription medications, they should definitely consider acne laser treatments. The personal cost of ignoring acne is too high.

On the other hand, and this is probably the biggest deterrent, it’s pretty expensive. Though cost varies around the country, it’s going to run in the range of $2,300 to $3,200 for a series of laser treatments. That’s substantial. Fortunately, though it doesn’t work for everyone, the odds are pretty good. To explore real cases of people who’ve used laser treatment I went to acne.org and read how people rated certain acne laser treatments

There were twenty-five entries total, all had used some form of acne laser treatmentstwenty-five people highly recommended (4 on a scale of 5) the procedure, whereas eighteen saw it as a very poor option (2 on a scale of 5). So why all the negative responses if it really is a worthwhile option? A major factor relates to the KIND of laser being used.

Their excellent results were obtained with the 1450-nm diode laser. There was a 75% reduction in acne lesions and the improvement was maintained over the 12 months of the study. That’s pretty good!

Choosing to get acne laser treatments rather than using over-the-counter acne medication, or even prescription medication, isn’t a simple matter. It’s not like changing brands of your deodorant. A lot more thought and careful research should be done before considering it.

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