Eating fruit

Does it Help to Clear Acne?

Published by: Paul Mccarthy

You’ll have to excuse my tone in this article because I read a similar article on this very web site that claimed you could eating fruit and cure your acne. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is not the case, and I’ll tell you why. Background to Acne is basically caused when sebum is excreted through glands in your skin, clogs up your pores it is in these pores that bacteria multiplies and grows. This bacteria erupts to give you acne. What causes Sebum to be excreted through your skin? It could be a number of things. Scientists are finally starting to agree that it is the level of toxicity in the blood that plays a major role in whether a person has acne or not. If your blood is very toxic then the major organs such as the liver and the kidneys have a tough job filtering the blood. Therefore the body has to find another means of getting rid of them or face being put into some kind of poisonous state. The body therefore excretes these toxins through the skin wrapped up in sebum, which causes the blocked pores and subsequently the acne. So how can we reduce the toxicity of our blood? That is a very difficult question to answer directly because it is highly subjective. What is toxic to one person may not be toxic to the next person.

For example, person A may have toxic blood because he / she is allergic to a certain food group whereas person B may have high blood toxicity because of a hormonal imbalance. So how can we figure out what’s causing the toxicity? Unfortunately there isn’t a test that you can take that will tell you for sure why your blood is highly toxic. There are main probable causes, of which one is diet. The two most prevalent of the numerous other possibilities include internal sugar yeast growth and hormonal imbalances. The only way you can really tell what is causing toxicity in your body is by understanding all the possible causes of toxins in your body and then doing a series of tests. By process of elimination you’ll be able to figure out what it is that causes your problems. So can apples help acne or not? The possibility is very remote, but in theory it is possible that eating an apple a day can have a slight effect on your acne if your acne is caused by a vitamin / mineral deficiency in your blood and the lack of said macronutrient is limiting your body’s ability to filter the toxins from the blood. Please bare in mind that the likelihood of this being the case is highly minimal. Diet does have a big affect on acne though Some dermatologists still believe that acne and diet are unrelated but they are certainly wrong.

There are thousands of sufferers out there who have tied down a direct relationship between their acne and their diet or eating fruit. For instance, when I suffered from acne before I managed to cure it, I managed to figure out that I was allergic to oats, that I don’t react well to refined sugars such as those found in cereals and that if I eat too many oils (even if they are Essential Fatty Acids) my skin also takes a hit. What should I do to tackle my acne? I was in your position before, and I tried a great variety of prescription medicines including anti-biotics and accutane before I finally solved my problem through natural means. Throwing mud at the wall and hoping it sticks is not the answer. My honest advice is to read up on the subject of what causes acne – but make sure you choose a trusted source in eating fruit. Then, like I did, you’ll be able to eliminate possibilities one by one until you can start to figure out why you’re toxicity is too high for your body to handle.

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